What kind of foundation does log houses requires ?

– For medium and large homes, continuous classic foundations are required, like those for houses with brick or concrete masonry.
– For small houses, foundations are discontinuous with a different structure in the foundation depends its features.

How does log homes resist to earthquakes ?

– Finnish type log houses are highly resistant to earthquakes up to 8 on the Richter scale, because of the fixed timber in which it is holded.

What finishes may be applied in bathrooms, kitchens in Logs houses?

– It can do the same finishes as the classic brick homes masonry / concrete.
– The only difference is related to the installation of tiles, which is built on a base of drywall, allowing masonry settlement, and its relative motion.

What kind of heating system can be used?

– You can use any kind of heating system to heat inside the log houses.
– We recommend the usage of central heating installations or radiators / convectors or underfloor heating. Central heating can be supplied with any fuel or electricity, depending on existing optimal conditions. You can also use thermal heat sources, such as stoves and fireplaces. In this case, we recommend using combustion chambers closed or semi-closed for their high degree of operational security.

Electrical installation presents risk of fire?

– The electrical installation is performed with conductors greater conductivity and insulation, with extra fittings so there is no danger of short circuits and overheating them.

What are the risks that may occur after the guarantee period is finished?

– Warranty period of DORALNIC GROUP is 5 years after final assembly and defines the structural integrity of the kit. After this period, no significant risks can appear relating to the structure of the kit. The period of these kits is real for decades, there is abundant evidence: structures of houses and especially churches over 100 years old still very good structure.